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Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 173: “At Your Mercy” Listener Picks 4a – Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965) and The Kindred (1987) and Bedevilled (2010) and Next of Kin (1982)

Welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, the place we’re Lifeless Critical About Horror Films. In Episode 173, we convey you Volume 4a of our “At Your Mercy” listener picks show, the place Wolfman Josh, Dr. Shock, and Gillman Joel each deliver you a Function Evaluate based mostly on listener suggestions. We had 98 submissions on the time of recording (16 extra now for a total of 114!) and of these we can be reviewing Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965), beneficial by Listener Seth, The Kindred (1987), really helpful by The Mad Cetologist, and Bedevilled (2010), really helpful by by Grav3Robert and Listener Juan. Dr. Shock can also be bringing you a further listener decide in his Collector’s Crypt phase with a evaluate of Next of Kin (1982), really helpful by Listener Paul.

And that’s not all (!!!) as a result of we’ve decided to push back our upcoming themed and Frankensteinian episodes to be able to do yet one more At Your Mercy installment subsequent time, again to back with this episode. Also, be sure to stick around for over a half hour of Listener Feedback, where we’ll talk about your favourite Stephen King film variations and give away three digital copies of Pet Sematary (1989). We thank you a lot for sending us your recommendations! With out your participation, this episode wouldn’t have labored. All of the submissions we’ve acquired thus far can be posted within the show notes under.

This episode is dedicated to Seth, Juan, Paul, Grav3Robert, The Mad Cetologist and everyone who submitted an At Your Mercy decide.

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I. Introduction
— The At Your Mercy idea, Volume 4a

[ 0:04:40 ] II. The Listeners’ Suggestions
—Discussing some of the movies submitted (full listing under)
—Listener Voicemail from Vicious Victor

[ 0:13:25 ] III. At Your Mercy: DR. TERROR’S HOUSE OF HORRORS (1965)
—Really helpful by Seth

Dr. Shock: 6.5/10 ( Rental )

-Discover Seth on Twitter @beernut1

[ 0:22:02 ] IV. At Your Mercy: THE KINDRED (1985)
—Advisable by The Mad Cetologist

Gillman Joel: 8/10 (Buy it!)

-Find TMC on Letterboxd @madcetologist

[ 0:36:39 ] V. At Your Mercy: BEDEVILLED (2010)
—Advisable by Grav3Robert and Juan

Wolfman Josh: 6.5/10 ( Rental )

-Find Grav3Robert on Twitter @grav3robert and on Letterboxd @graverobert
-Discover Juan on Twitter @thereaperofsoul and on Letterboxd @mlptmy

[ 0:49:33 ] VI. Collector’s Crypt: NEXT OF KIN (1982)
—Really helpful by Paul Le

Dr. Shock: 9/10 ( Purchase it! )

CORRECTION: Dr. Shock repeatedly refers back to the “Synapse Films BluRay” launch, but the BluRay launch of Next of Kin (1982) is actually from Severin Films.

-Find Paul on Twitter @afinalboy and on Letterboxd @zyuranger

[ 1:01:38 ] VII. Listener Suggestions: FAVORITE STEPHEN KING ADAPTATION

[ 1:38:06 ] VIII. Listener Giveaway: PET SEMATARY (1989) DIGITAL COPY
—Winners: The Gray Man, Dino, Barely Ashley

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

Listener Submissions for At Your Mercy 4 (a and b)
—114 submissions as of 9:00AM, 4/29/19

-After Midnight, Paul Le
-Virtually Mercy, Joe Brunett
-American Psycho, Andrew from WV
-An American Werewolf in London, Andrew from WV (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Attack the Block, Grav3Robert (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Bag Boy Lover Boy, Nadia de los Muertos
-The Beast Should Die, OddsBotkins (Deliberate Upcoming)
–Bedeviled, Grav3Robert (Wolfman’s Assessment)
–Bedeviled (2010), Juan (Wolfman’s Evaluate)
-Black Dying, Nadia de los Muertos
-Boo! Madea 2, Frank the Fiend
-Bug (2006), Trendy Horror Show
-Bug (2006), Andrew Fulton
-Cannibal Women, Bill Van Veghel
-Cemetery Man, Robert Lowe (Planned Upcoming)
-Chopping Mall, The Reverse Shane (Coated on HMP 035)
-Metropolis of the Lifeless (1960), Kain
-Creature from Black Lake (1976), Trendy Horror Present
-Curtains (1983), Invoice Van Veghel (Coated on HMP 102)
-Darkness Falls, Frank the Fiend
-Darkish Waters (1993), The Mad Cetologist
-Lifeless and Buried (1981), Jonathan Watkins
-Lifeless of Night time (1945), Seth
-Deep Purple (1975), Kaine Hero (Coated on HMP 143)
-Diary of the Lifeless, Markus Brown (Planned Upcoming)
–Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, Seth (Dr. Shock’s Evaluate)
-El Bar, Paul Le (Coated on HMP 133 and HCAward nominated on HMP 141)
-Eye of the Devil, Kain
-Eyes of Hearth (1983), Allyson Clark
-The School, David Worry (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Flesh and Fantasy (1943), Seth
-The Fly, (1986), Andrew Fulton (Coated on HMP 41)
-The Fly 2 (1989), Andrew Fulton
-From Hell, Andrew from WV (Deliberate Upcoming)
-The Haunted Palace (1963), Andrew from WV
-The Hidden, The Reverse Shane
-The Hitcher, Horror Fan Ryan (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Homicidal (1961), Jonathan Watkins
-The Hound of the Baskervilles (1969), Andrew from WV
-House of Usher (1960), Andrew from WV
-House of Wax (1953), Andrew from WV
-The House that Jack Built, Edward McKenzie (Mentioned some on HMP 165 and 168)
-The Innocents (1961), Victor Rodriguez
-Invasion of the Body Snatchers, David Worry (Planned Upcoming, Discussed on HMP 001)
-Invoked, The Reverse Shane
-Jigoku, Robert Lowe
-John Dies on the End, Justin Wallace (Discussed someplace, however couldn’t find)
-The Killer Reserved 9 Seats (1974), Bill Van Veghel
–The Kindred, The Mad Cetologist (Gillman’s Evaluation)
-The Kiss, The Mad Cetologist
-Kiss of the Vampire, Kain
-Kwaidan, Robert Lowe (Planned Upcoming)
-The Woman in White, The Satan Soon Come (Discussed on HMP 057 and on HMP 095)
-Lake Mungo, The Reverse Shane (Discussed some on HMP 096)
-Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Robert Lowe
-The Misplaced Skeleton of Cadavra, Trendy Horror Show (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Magic (1978), Joe Brunett (Planned Upcoming)
-Magic (1978), Edward McKenzie (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Malevolence, Chris Dewey
-Le Manoir Du Diable (1896), Darkish Mark (Planned Upcoming)
-Love, Demise & Robots, Juan
-Might, Andrew Fulton (Mentioned somewhere, however couldn’t locate)
-Might the Satan Take You, Grav3Robert (Mentioned somewhere, but couldn’t find)
-Monster Brawl, Jason Eliopulos
-The Monster (2016), Gene Turner (Mentioned in HMP 106 and some in HMP 111)
-Mystery of the Wax Museum, Andrew from WV
-The New York Ripper, Edward McKenzie (Mentioned some in HMP 102 and Dr. Shock wrote a evaluation)
–Next of Kin (1982), Paul Le  (Collector’s Crypt Evaluation)
-Night time of the Demon (1980), Trendy Horror Show (Talked about on HMP 101)
-Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979), Joe Brunett (Deliberate Upcoming)
-November (2018), Joe Brunett
-The Omen, Andrew from WV
-Onibaba (Deliberate Upcoming and Dr. Shock’s written evaluate)
-Orphan, Graham the Haunted Marshmallow
-The Others, Joe Brunett
-The Pact, Chris Dewey
-The Phantom of the Opera (1925), Andrew from WV
-Phantom of the Paradise (1974), Vicious Victor
-Phoenix Forgotten, Graham the Haunted Marshmallow
-Pin, The Reverse Shane
-Pin, Paul Le
-Pooka! (2018), The Mad Cetologist
-Popcorn (1991), Barely Ashley (Deliberate Upcoming)
-The Premonition, Gore-Or Horror Fan
-Q: The Winged Serpent, Trendy Horror Present
–The Quacky Slasher, Ashley Geoghegen (Wolfman tried to observe and failed)
-Return of the Dwelling Lifeless, Barely Ashley (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Return of the Dwelling Lifeless, Michael Rodriguez (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Return of the Dwelling Lifeless – Part II, Barely Ashley, (Planned Upcoming)
-Return to Horror Excessive, Graham the Haunted Marshmallow
-Scarecrows (1988), Paul Le (Coated on HMP 162)
-Scream for Assist, Paul Le
-Session 9, BigJBrook
-Shadow of the Vampire, Pastor Matt (Planned Upcoming)
-The Skin I Reside In, Edward McKenzie
-Sleepless (2001), Jonathan Watkins
-Stepfather 2, Ashley Geoghegen
-Strait-Jacket (1964), Jonathan Watkins
-Chic (2007), Gore-Or Horror Fan
-Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, David Worry
-Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, Jason Eliopulos
-Targets (1968), Jonathan Watkins
-Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Andrew from WV (Deliberate Upcoming)
-Issues, Movie Vigilante
-Timecrimes, David Worry
-Tora Tantz (2013), Joe Brunett
-Trailer Park of Terror, Graham the Haunted Marshmallow
-Trench 11 (2017), The Mad Cetologist
-Fact or Dare – A Crucial Madness (1986), Sean Brunett
-Tumbbad (2018), Grav3Robert
-The Ugly (1997), Sal Roma
-Underneath the Pores and skin, Trendy Horror Present (Discussed some on HMP zero38 and MPW 083)
-With out Warning (1980), End of Davez

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