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Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2019)


At this level, the “Ip Man” franchise has firmly embedded itself in our collective consciousness as one of the biggest martial arts movie collection’ of all time. If there have been any additional proof needed of that, look no additional than the breakout character of the collection’ third chapter getting his own solo adventure in the type of “Master Z: Ip Man Legacy”. With the good Yuen Woo-ping at the helm, excellent struggle sequences, and a reliably partaking efficiency by Max Zhang, “Master Z” simply lives up to the broader domain it inhabits while managing to inform its own story that directly feels distinctive and familiar inside the “Ip Man” Cinematic Universe.



Max Zhang reprises his position as Wing Chun grandmaster Cheung Tin-chi, who now shifts his objectives from rising to the top of the martial arts world in “Ip Man 3” to easily caring for his younger son Fung, performed by Henry Zhang. Michelle Yeoh also appears within the position of Tso Ngan Kwan, a former crime boss decided to go straight, whereas Kevin Cheng portrays her far less altruistic brother, Tso Sai Package. Former Shaolin disciple Shi Yan Neng steps into the position of Chiu Kam Fu, a night club owner who lends a serving to hand to Cheung, with Liu Yan portraying his sister Julia, whereas Chrissie Chau performs the drug-addicted Nana. Tony Jaa additionally makes a particular appearance in the position of the shadowy assassin, Sadi, whereas Dave Bautista portrays the actual heavy of the film, the rising underworld crime boss, Owen Davidson.


Following his defeat by the hands of Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Man, Cheung Tin-chi has stored a low profile. Exiling himself from the world of martial arts, Cheung now runs a grocery store while spending extra time together with his younger son, Fung. Nevertheless, he finds himself pulled again into his previous life after coming to the protection of Nana, a young lady fleeing the henchmen of native crime boss Tso Sai Package, to whom her opium habit has left her indebted. Tso retaliates by burning down Cheung’s grocery retailer, however his act of bravery is rewarded by a lady who had assisted in Nana’s rescue, Julia, who gets Cheung employment and housing at the nightclub owned by her brother, Chiu Kam Fu.

Sai Package’s sister, Ngan Kwan, places a stop to further violence by her brother’s gang, out of her want to transition her felony empire right into a reliable business. Nevertheless, Sai Package continues to escalate the drug warfare on the streets of the town, with help from Owen Davidson, a fearsome membership owner rising up inside the legal underworld himself.


If something have been testimony to the impression the “Ip Man” franchise has had, it’s the collection’ means to launch a spin-off on a totally unrelated, albeit extremely fashionable, character. What’s additionally hanging is how a lot Cheung Tin-chi’s story in “Master Z” manages to be distinct from his former adversary’s whereas additionally operating parallel to it.

As we saw our hero experience in the unique “Ip Man”, Cheung’s concern lies solely with protecting his son after falling on onerous occasions, and largely leaving his life as a martial artist behind till it’s simply not attainable to take action. What makes it totally different for Cheung are the emotions of disgrace and defeat which have left him where he’s at, in contrast to Ip Man discovering himself pushing coal carts purely as a consequence of economic plight. Certainly, you get the distinct impression that Cheung would in all probability be far worse off if he didn’t have his young son to take care of, and fairly than setting Cheung up to make a bid for redemption, the movie as an alternative positions itself as more of a father-son bonding tale, and a reasonably heart-warming one, at occasions.

The scenes of Cheung sharing a quiet dinner with Fung, together with the youthful Cheung trying to stand as much as a gang of bullies scoffing at his father’s expertise actually end up being the glue that holds the movie collectively amid its ample struggle sequences. And yes, let’s speak about those!

Not even five minutes elapse into “Master Z” once we get our first glimpse of Tony Jaa in motion as the mysterious assassin Sadi, and whereas it’s temporary, it frames his more thorough duel with Cheung later in the movie. Tony’s position within the movie isn’t that dissimilar to his look in “Furious 7”, that of a henchman largely present to interact in some flashy fights with the hero, only this time adopting a wardrobe that means he’s stepped out of “Billie Jean” or “Smooth Criminal”. Although Sadi isn’t given a lot to flesh out his character with, his rumble with Cheung is definitely one of the movie’s highlights, and a pleasant praise to Tony’s earlier battle with Max Zhang in “SPL 2”.

Michelle Yeoh is more of an observer for the majority of the movie, and as she’s been doing for the previous few years, flexes her appearing muscle mass as a former crime boss making an attempt to go legit while battling somewhat sexism alongside the best way (she’s definitely far less of a villain right here than she was in “Crazy Rich Asians”). However, she will get to point out how much she’s stored up in a sword duel with Cheung whereas an enormous battle together with her brother’s axe-wielding gang unfolds around them.

In the position of Chiu, Shi Yan Neng is equal elements comedian aid and Cheung’s associate in battle, tickling our collective funny bone in a light-hearted sparring match with Cheung one minute before throwing down the gauntlet with him within the aforementioned axe-battle the subsequent. Yan Neng’s critically obtained to be one of the fastest kickers alive, as we clearly see in Chiu’s hand-cuffed face-off with Owen Davidson late in the movie. Speaking of whom, after his portrayal of Tong Po in “Kickboxer: Vengeance”, Dave Bautista’s really carving out a pleasant area of interest for himself as a martial arts film Goliath, together with his pro-wrestling expertise put to only as nice a use as Mike Tyson’s boxing was in “Ip Man 3”.

Cheung’s remaining confrontation with Davidson is probably the most rough and rowdy battle the film has to supply, and among the greatest thus far for each Zhang and Bautista, our hero cool, calm and picked up whereas his enemy goes at it like a bull in a china shop inside his own nightclub. What makes it that much sweeter is the ultimate, virtually ninja-esque send-off Sadi gets that bookends the finale (that’ll make sense in context, I promise!)

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Launching a spin-off from the “Ip Man” collection was all the time going to be a tight-rope act, even with such a well-liked supporting character as Cheung Tin-chi. Nevertheless, with wonderful battle scenes and Yuen Woo-ping’s all the time superlative course, “Master Z” earns its place inside the “Ip Man” Legacy. Max Zhang is every bit as fascinating in what is now his signature position as Donnie Yen was in his, and the movie keeps things each easy and emotionally partaking with a narrative as relatable as a person just making an attempt to be an excellent position mannequin for his impressionable son. Once you ponder the fact that we are being treated to “Ip Man 4” and an “Ip Man” spinoff in the identical yr, we aficionados of motion have good cause to think about ourselves spoiled in 2019!


  • Max Zhang also appeared in one other movie about Ip Man outdoors of this collection, 2013’s “The Grandmaster”, within the position of Ma San.
  • Shi Yan Neng additionally appeared within the unique “Ip Man”, within the position of the title character’s good good friend, Lin.
  • Max Zhang and Dave Bautista additionally appear together in the upcoming “Escape Plan: The Extractors”. Additionally, Bautista appears alongside Michelle Yeoh in 2017’s “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2”.

Favourite Quotes

  • “I haven’t always made an honest living, I admit that. But take a good, hard look at yourselves. You are not so different. You lie, you cheat, you exploit. Are you willing to admit that? I didn’t think so.” – Tso Ngan Kwan (to a room of sceptical business companions.)
  • “The steak would’ve been perfect by now, and you wasted it.” – Owen Davidson (after killing an enemy while getting ready a steak as his last meal.)
  • “I once thought that my martial arts could make me famous. I even used to make a living as a fighter for hire. But I really just wanted a simple life. I thought I could put martial arts behind me. But deep down, I know I never could. Those of us who fight never understood the true meaning of martial arts.” – Cheung Tin-chi (reflecting with Chiu on his loss to Ip Man.)
  • “You challenged Ip Man. You sure know the true meaning of martial arts.” – Chiu (in reply.)

Film Score: 8/10

“Master Z: Ip Man Legacy” is now in choose theaters in the US. What are your thoughts on the increasingly widespread Max Zhang returning to his breakout position from “Ip Man 3”? Which different motion stars would you wish to see problem Max? Let us know in the feedback under; Like, share and be a part of within the conversation on Facebook and comply with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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